Friday, July 3, 2015

A Mom's Morning Quickie

Sometimes all I feel like is a morning quickie.  I'm tired, I don't really have time or energy to put into the real thing, I'm in a rush but I still have a need.   The need is real and I can't leave home without taking care of it.  That's when I turn to the kitchen.  I know, crazy as it may seem, the kitchen holds the answer for me.  The kitchen you wonder?!?  Oh, I get where you think I was going with's my hair!  

Some mornings I wake up and my hair just looks a little too greasy for my liking.  It's not really dirty but just a little limp around the roots.  The ends definitely don't need another wash (yes, maybe a little over-processing there) but the roots are crying out for help.  I know there are a million dry shampoos on the market and I've tried a few but in all honesty, nothing has worked better for me, this solution is inexpensive and always on hand.  The key is cornstarch.

So, here's how it works.  
  1. I take my box of cornstarch, sprinkle a little on my brush.  
  2. Turn my head upside down so my hair is hanging towards the floor
  3. Start brusing from the back of my head forward* 
  4. Flip my head back up and brush into my hair into place
* That way if I have a little too much cornstarch on the brush it doesn't end up thick at my hairline or sprinkled on my face.  

The bonus for me is that I have pretty thin hair and this tends to give me a thicker look.  It also makes my hair much easier to style.

I've tried with baby powder too and while I love the smell, it tends to leave my hair full of electric static which is then a new problem I have to deal with.  Cornstarch is the secret recipe to my "quickie" morning hair routine for sure.  

Here's to great looking hair and a morning quickie!


  1. never tried cornstarch but it's definitely cheaper than the dry shampoos I've tried!! thanks for the tip

    1. You are very welcome. It's great because you always have it in the pantry too.


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