Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Find Shopping Rewarding

So my name says it all.  I'm the "on a dime" mama.  I love shopping but my husband will tell you, I often have trouble pulling the trigger when it comes to actually buying something.  Now I'm not saying that I am cheap or that I don't like nice things.  I'm just conscientious with my money; I like a good deal and knowing that I'm getting value for my money.  That is why I was so excited to learn that my CAA Membership gets me exclusive discounts at stores that I love, travel and attractions that we want to go to as a family.  Did you know that a CAA Membership is so much more than just roadside assistance?  Honestly, I had no idea.

With CAA's new CAA Rewards program there are over 164,000 retail outlets and services worldwide that offer special discounts, savings and rewards to CAA Members.  That means savings on items such as clothing, hotel rooms and entertainment simply by showing my CAA Membership card.  What a great benefit!  But it gets even better.

One of the easiest ways to use my CAA Membership to my full advantage is to visit the CAA eStore and shop from over 40 retailers. Every time I shop at one of them, I earn CAA Dollars. It really is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. I visit the CAA eStore where I choose the retailer I want to shop at.
  2. I select Shop Now and sign in with my CAA Membership number. I am taken directly to that retailer's website and shop like I normally would.
  3. When I check out, my CAA Dollars are processed and added to my account within 90 days.

Many of the stores are stores I already shop at but now I am being rewarded for shopping at them.  So, as I buy things that I would normally buy anyway I earn CAA Dollars that can be used to buy movie tickets, renew my membership, purchase travel merchandise, insurance renewal premium or even book my next vacation.  Every CAA Dollar I earn equals $1.00 CAD.  It is that simple. Why wouldn't I do my shopping this way?

So now this has me thinking about Christmas.  My son wants a new hockey bag and my daughter wants a Roots hoodie.  They are old enough that I can't simply divert their attention and throw a gift in the bottom of the stroller as we shop together.  This means that I do A LOT of my holiday shopping online after they're in bed.  Now I can visit the CAA e-store and earn CAA Dollars as I buy the things on their lists.  We can then use the CAA Dollars for an upcoming family vacation we're planning.  It's like free money!!!  

Being a savvy shopper is simple with a CAA Membership. I've discovered a way to get the things we need, save money doing it and even save for a future vacation.  All that tied up with my CAA Membership.  What can I say?  Shopping is definitely rewarding!

This post was sponsored by CAA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. shopping rewards are always very exciting!! :) have fun!


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