Monday, September 23, 2013

Overhauling the Cabin: A Family Retreat gets Updated

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Over 50 years ago my husband's grandfather bought a piece of farmland on a lake.  I don't think he envisioned it originally but this property has turned into our meeting place each summer.  It has become the family gathering spot that truly provides inneumerable memories and marks the beginning and ending of summer each year.

Royal Building Products - Vinyl Patio Doors for cabin

At first his grandfather built some day cabins then eventually a more permanent cottage.  One of the day cabins remains.  It is rustic and charming but in need of a little upgrading and TLC.  As the kids get older and we need more space, we're upgrading the little cabin to make it a more comfortable and a permanent summer retreat for our growing family.

One of the big items we want to install is patio doors.  We currently have some very old picture windows facing the lake but we would like to replace them with patio doors.  It would improve the flow of traffic within the cottage and provide quick access to the water.   

Royal Building Products - replace old wood windows with vinyl patio doors

The Jazz Wide patio doors would be great because they can accomodate internal blinds.  This is a great feature since we will be putting a pull out couch in the room for overnight guests.  Of course I love the idea of having a full wall of windows that open up completely to create an outdoor room.  The Overture folding patio doors would be perfect.  

Whichever way we go design wise, using vinyl patio doors makes a lot of sense.  Vinyl requires almost no maintenance which is important at the cottage.  Vinyl has the colour integrated throughout so it will never need repainting and unlike aluminum or wood frames, vinyl will never pit, flake or rot. This is especially important for our cabin as it faces the lake.  

Royal Building Products - Expand indoor/outdoor space with vinyl patio doors

Right now our windows are very drafty.  Replacing them with vinyl patio doors will help reduce air leakage and drafts.  It will also lessen the sound transmission from outside to inside which will be great on those evenings when another cottager is enjoying a late night party on the water.  Having new Energy Star rated patio doors will also help us save on heating and cooling costs.  

Royal Building Products is a leader in the industry.  They have a full line of vinyl windows, doors and trims to suit every project and need, this means it is a one stop shop - love it!  I also love that they have manufacturing facilities in both Canada and the USA.  

Replacing the cabin's large windows with patio doors is our current plan but I have a feeling that we won't be able to stop at just the patio doors.  With such a beautiful addition to the front of the cottage I'm pretty sure we'll end up replacing all the other windows in the cabin too.  I can't wait!

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