Monday, September 9, 2013

A Simple Way to get School Paperwork Under Control

It is amazing how much paperwork can come home from school.  I was literally drowning in forms on the kids' first day.  Last year I devised this system and it really worked well for us.  Everything was organized, in one place, and available in a moment's notice for review.  All it took was a simple accordion folder from the dollar store to get that paperwork under control.

I used the accordion folder sections to organize the paperwork dividing it into general school information and sections for each child's class papers.   Here's how I divided mine:

  • School Calendar - we get a monthly calendar with important dates
  • Important Dates/General Information
  • Pledge Forms
  • Grade 2 Documents - papers that come home pertaining to son's class only.
  • Grade 4 Documents - papers that come home pertaining to daughter's class only.
  • Special Work

I made sure to have a section for pledge forms because it seems we're always fundraising for something.

I also created a section for "special work".  This section came in really handy last year.  I simply filed any work that we wanted to keep for posterity in that section. At the end of the year we had it all together, neat and safe.  This meant that it didn't get left on the kitchen counter where it was apt to get spilled on, or on the front hall table where it often ends up in recycling with newspapers.  I didn't need to pull out our school scrapbooks each day either.  I simply filed it away safely until I had more time to deal with it.

If you have more kids than sections you can amalgamate your general school information and keep pledge forms in each child's section to free up space.  Alternatively you could create a file folder for each child and keep sections for school papers, extra curricular paperwork, etc.

I keep our folder in the pantry with all the lunch bags, school snacks, etc.  This is really the hub of morning activity in our house anyway so it seemed the perfect spot to store our school paperwork.  It is easily accessible and I always know where to find it.

Being organized is easy if you start right at the beginning of the year.  Using a simple accordion file is the quickest and easiest way to get that school paperwork organized and under control.  I love that I can re-use it year after year just by changing the labels.  Now if we could just get the paperwork to fill itself out.


  1. really creative. I forwarded these comments to my sister to make a good use.


    1. Thank you for sharing the school paperwork folder with your sister. I hope she finds it useful!

  2. Very cool idea, if one had more kids one could also do those hanging folder boxes, then add as many file folders as needed.

    1. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I love the idea of using a hanging file folder box for larger families. Great idea!


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