Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Water Bottle that Walked & Came Back

Let me tell you a little story about a water bottle that went on an adventure then came back home.  Crazy you say?  Perhaps, but this story is true.

My kids attended day camp a few weeks this summer.  Every day I sent them with a lunch, their hats, a change of clothes and of course a re-usable water bottle.

One day the kids went on a trip to Toronto Island.  They took a bus, a ferry and walked a good distance to reach their destination, the beach.  After much frolicking in the water the kids had their lunches.  A little more fun and it came time to begin the journey back home.  Unbeknownst to my daughter, she had left her water bottle on the beach.

Some kind stranger (likely a counselor) picked up this water bottle and threw it into their bag.  It made the journey back to the camp but was quickly forgotten about and wasn't returned to my daughter.  Fast forward to a week later.  We had all but assumed that the water bottle was lost.  We pulled into our driveway after an evening at the soccer field only to find the water bottle sitting on our front step.  We had no idea how it got there but I knew in my heart HOW it had made it's way home.  It was the personalized label!

I LOVE my Stuck on You labels.  Before camp and before every school year I purchase labels for all my kids' items.  Every shoe, pencil and lunch container gets labeled before it is allowed out the door for camp or school.  This year we even got personalized lunch bags for the kids.  No mistaking who they belong to now.

With labels for clothing, shoes, large and small items alike, Stuck on You has everything you need to prepare your kids for back to school.  

Want to avoid your kids items ending up here?  Label their items!  

The actual lost and found at the kids' school this June.

Back to School Bonus:

Until the end of August 2013 you can enter the code: MAMA1 to receive free shipping on your Stuck on You order.  Warning though, labeling will become addictive when you see those loved items coming home day after day.  Trust me, it works!


  1. I can't believe the bottle came back! Great story - and further proves why labels are essential.

  2. Wow! The bottle came back?! Oh I am addicted to labelling too. I spent all day today labelling everything for both kids for the start of the school year. 2 weeks in advance ;)

  3. very cool story! Love that the bottle came back :) I am a big fan of labels too - so practical and useful.


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