Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nature Scavenger Hunt - Backyard Camping Activities

A backyard campout is a real treat for young kids but we all know that as the sun goes down so will they.  This means that for the younger set most activities need to be played earlier in the evening.  A nature scavenger hunt is the perfect activity to get them excited about the campout and in touch with nature.

Backyard Camping Activity - Nature Scavenger Hunt
Click the image to download the Scavenger Hunt List

Materials Needed:


  1. Provide each child a copy of the list and a marker.
  2. Send them on their way.
  3. As they find the items they can mark them off on their list until they've found them all.

By including an image with each item many children will be able to do this on their own.  For those who can't, pair up and have fun together!

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