Friday, August 2, 2013

First I Got Wet Then I Got Wild at Wild Water Kingdom

We didn't go away this summer but I still want that vacation vibe.  I want sun, waves, and someone else making and cleaning up my meals.  Is that too much for a mom to ask for?  Obviously not because Wild Water Kingdom has it all covered.

I know, I know, the name seems familiar but you haven't been in years.  Yes, I was the same.  I remember going to Wild Water Kingdom every summer as a teenager with my friends.  Fast forward a few decades, a few careers and a few kids later and I realised I hadn't been to Wild Water Kingdom in a very long time.  Now in it's 25th year, Wild Water Kingdom has evolved from the basic water park I remember to a full on entertainment destination.

Arriving at Wild Water Kingdom in Brampton, Ontario

The kids were excited to visit when I showed them the website.  Sitting on 100 acres in Brampton, Wild Water Kingdom boasts 15 full sized water slides, an enormous wave pool, a 1/4 mile lazy river, a rock climbing wall and a children's splash area with 7 child sized water slides, tipping buckets and more.  Some of their friends had recently visited with their camp and were telling them all about it.

Water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers at Wild Water Kingdom

One of the touches I really loved was the ability to rent a cabana for the day.  While it did add another cost, it meant that we had guaranteed chairs, a home base should anyone get separated and it also provided well needed shade while we ate lunch because there was no way my kids were going to stop riding those slides and get out of the sun for any other reason but lunch.  The family next to us had a baby and used their cabana as a shaded nap time spot as well. Another bonus of the cabana is that it comes with meal service.  Instead of you running around to the different vendors for your food, a waitress will come and take your order then deliver it to you.  Ahhh...I am feeling the vacation vibe I was craving.  
Cabana Rentals at Wild Water Kingdom - include meal service
I was really impressed with the variety of food options at the park.  While there are the typical foods you might expect; burgers, fries, pizza, there were also more varied options such as Shawarma, grilled corn, fish and chips and Carribean fare.  Ice cream, slushie and popsicle options were abundant for cooling off and the Sand Bar serves licenced drinks so you can order that pina colada to sip by the pool (a mom can dream, right?).

Lots of food options at Wild Water Kingdom

Some of the water slides require tubes which you can grab at the bottom of the slides when they become available.  But you can also rent tubes for the day to avoid the wait for a tube at each slide.  This is a huge advantage on busy days.  Our cabana rental included the rental of 2 single tubes and double one as well as two lockers to lock up valuables.  We were set.

Tube Rentals - avoid waiting at Wild Water Kingdom

My kids had a blast all day.  They loved both the big water slides and the ones designed for the younger bunch.  Devil's Drop was a highlight because of the huge drop into the pool below.  They also loved waiting for the double buckets to fill and tip, drenching anyone who dared stand below. 

Wild Water Kingdom's great kids' area - water slides, splash pad, zip lines and more.

I have always wanted to go zip lining but have never had the chance, that is until I got to Wild Water Kingdom.  I had to try my hand at the Face Drop.  It towers over 90 ft above the water park and is 1200 ft in length.  You reach speeds of over 50 kmph as you soar above the park and get a breathtaking view of the park and the city around.  As brave as I am, I have to admit that when I first got to the top and walked out on the ledge I was a little scared.  Seeing my kids (who looked like ants) down below watching and waving, I gathered myself and pushed off.  It was AMAZING!  

Face Drop at Wild Water Kingdom - 90 ft high, 1200 ft long Zip line

The kids were a little disappointed that they didn't meet the 54" height requirement for Face Drop but after doing it myself I'm not sure they would have been that brave.  Luckily for me, they were able to get their own zip line experience only a few feet off the ground in the kids' area and that was excitement enough for them.

Kids' zip line at Wild Water Kingdom

A highlight for them was the rock climbing wall.  They thought it was super cool to get harnessed in and climb along side of teenagers and adults alike.  The rock wall is 25 ft and my son claims to have made it to 20 ft (he's given to slight exaggeration).  I think the rappelling down at the end was just as much fun as the climb for them.

Rock climbing at Wild Water Kingdom

Since I went as a teenager Wild Water Kingdom has added Wild Squad who are like the entertainment crew at a beach resort.  Their job is to keep you entertained and happy and they did a great job.   They had us up and singing, competing in hula hoop contests and dancing around the pool deck.  It was like being in the tropics but without the cost of a flight or the need for vacation days.  

Wild Water Kingdom - Canada's Premier Sports & Entertainment destination

We had a great day and the kids are begging to go back.  In fact my daughter is now hoping to have a half birthday (December baby) at the park with her friends.  We didn't even get to the Mini-Golf courses or Drive-in Movie Theatre that are also on the park's property.  Another visit is definitely in order.  Best of all, I now know where to get my vacation fix when I'm in the city, Wild Water Kingdom.


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This post was gernerously sponsored by Wild Water Kingdom but the opinions and images are my own.
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  1. Oh wow! Wild Water Kingdom has really changed since I last visited. Ummm... that would have been when I was 9 or 10.

    I'm impressed that they have so much to do besides go on water slides. Rock climbing, zip line and a drive in movie theatre?!

    Your family looked like they had a blast and kudos for to you for doing the zip line! I don't know if I could do that - terrified of heights.

    I can't wait until my kids get a bit older and we can visit!

    1. There is something for everyone so no need to wait. The kids will love Dolphin Cove. This year the drive-in theatre is playing all Bollywood flicks - fun!

  2. Amazing! I've heard of Wild Water Kingdom but didn't really know what it had - this looks amazing! What a fun day. Cannot believe you did that Face Drop - crazy! I'm terrified of heights.

    Love your photos - looks like such a great day

    1. Thanks Kerrie, it was a fun day. Wild Water Kingdom had fallen off my radar but we've already got plans to go back this summer because we all had so much fun. I NEED to do the Face Drop again!


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