Thursday, June 20, 2013

Patriotic Canada Day Snacks

This Canada Day get patriotic with this simple snack (or dessert) that you can whip up in no time but fully conveys how much you love your country.  These are perfect for a backyard BBQ, a pot-luck dinner or just as a surprise for the kids.

You can use any red fruit for these but raspberries are likely to fall apart so I'd steer clear of those.  I found that strawberries and watermelon were my best bets.   By alternating with red fruit, a white marshmallow, a red piece of fruit, another marshmallow and more red fruit you achieve the same pattern as the Canadian Flag.

Alternative: Try substituting pieces of pound-cake for the marshmallows if you are making these for an older crowd.  Think of it as Strawberry Shortcake on a Stick.

Grab the kids and get them involved in making your snacks.  They love sliding the fruit and marshmallows on the skewers. I'd suggest having a little extra fruit on hand if the kids are helping.  There always seem to be a few swipers in my bunch.  Getting the kids involved is perfect, they can make dessert while you are working on another part of dinner for your Canada Day celebration!

Note:  We made a whole bunch of these as our soccer snack last week.  I added in pineapple to increase the fruit content.  They were perfect because each child grabbed a stick and had their whole snack contained.  No more dirty fingers touching all the food.  No more sugary snacks that don't refresh. The kids loved them.  The marshmallows made them feel like a treat but the fruit was the real star of the show.

Happy Canada Day!

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  1. So simple and I know my kids will love them. Will have to try this out this year!


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