Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Generation of Girls are Growing Up

Some kids love their stuffed animals, some kids love a blanket, my daughter has loved dolls since she was a baby. She is naturally maternal and has pushed around a doll in a stroller since she could walk.

As she's grown she's wanted her dolls to grow too. She wanted a doll that was just like her; a girl who goes to school, plays sports, and dreams of a career in the future. That is why we were excited when we were introduced to the Our Generation line of dolls. These 18" dolls are little girls, not babies.

Our Generation Dolls - 18" Dolls for older girls.

Each Our Generation doll comes with their own identity, their own special interests and their own story.  Through these stories and their website, Our Generation is working to empower young girls, to teach them values, promote community, and encourage environmentalism. Sound like a tall order for a doll?

We have three dolls in our home; Sydney Lee, Jenny and Ashley Rose.  Both Sydney Lee and Ashley Rose came as deluxe sets with a chapter book as well as accessories or another outfit that you can interchange between the dolls.  Some dolls are sold just by themselves.  They are the same quality but a bit less expensive which opens them up to an even wider group of girls.  A good thing in my books.  They are readily found at Target stores in Canada and the USA which also makes them easy to find and buy.

Our Generation Dolls - 18" Little Girl Dolls

One of my daughter's favourite things to do with her dolls is to play school, often pretending that the dolls are her students.  The Let's Hang - Clip on Chair allows her attach her doll to the table or desk so they can work along side of her.  It also has a constant presence at our dinner table.  The dolls are her kids which means they eat with the family. We did encounter a problem with one table that was too thick to accommodate the chair but it fit most others with no problem.

Our Generation Dolls - Let's Hang Clip on Chair

The thing I love most about Our Generation dolls and accessories are that they allow my daughter to express her creativity.  She is constantly figuring out new outfits for them and she and her friends regularly get together with their dolls and creating elaborate games.  She even re-purposed the Clip on Chair as an extra seat on her doll stroller to allow her 'older child' to ride along with the younger babies in the stroller.

Our Generation Dolls - Let's Hang Clip on Chair

She takes her dolls everywhere.  They go with us on holiday, to soccer games, to dance class and the cottage.  When we traveled south in February there were a lot of girls coveting the Doll Carrier my daughter proudly wore through the airport.  It was perfect because not only did it protect her doll, it also has pockets to hold an extra outfit or two, some of which I've made and some of which we've purchased from the vast selection of Our Generation outfits in stores.

Our Generation Dolls - Going My Way Carrier

While I will admit that most of the time my daughter is just focused on playing with her dolls, I don't think the eco-friendly packaging, the moral behind the stories, or the real life examples of philanthropy are being lost on her. She loves visiting the OG website to read about real girls who are making a difference in the world and I hope she will be inspired to think of the impact she can have on the world around her.

So, back to my earlier question about the ideals behind the Our Generation line of dolls being a tall order.  I think that any time we can try to empower our kids, teach them that differences make us special and to shoot for the stars we're doing something good.  Encouraging kids to get out from behind a screen and use their imagination is a great start in itself.  Will every girl get the message?  Nope.  But even if a few do, just think how much better the world will be.

While the Battat Company graciously provided the doll and clip on chair for review, the other Our Generation products shown are my own.  I have purchased many Our Generation dolls and accessories for my daughter and as gifts.  The opinions and personal images are my own. For more information on the Our Generation line of products, visit Battat Co.

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