Monday, June 3, 2013

A Blissful "Yoga" Birthday - Namaste

Last year we hosted a yoga party for my daughter's birthday.  It wasn't exactly the quiet meditative environment I had imagined but the kids thought it was fantastic and the party was a huge success.

Her big day falls in December which makes it a bit difficult to host home parties because everyone has to be inside and let's face it, like many people we don't have a huge house.  This party could easily be replicated in your backyard or basement if you had the space and the weather was nice.

I opted to host her party at a local yoga studio which definitely had its benefits but definitely isn't essential.  They had mats for each girl, a parachute, and  most importantly, an instructor.  That made my job even easier; show up with kids, ice cream (she doesn't do cake - weird, I know) and loot bags.

Our instructor was amazing with the kids.  She had great ideas to get them focused and excited about yoga.  She took them through some basic poses.  She challenged them as well.  Best of all, she had them pretending to be animals, trees, and even storytelling through their movements.  She captured their attention.

While I went in expecting it to be like a yoga class that I've attended (peaceful, quiet, meditative) the instructor and kids had a different idea.  They laughed more than I could have imagined and thoroughly enjoyed trying to contort their bodies into the different themes thrown at them.  They particularly loved the partnered poses.

How I envisioned the yoga party

The reality of 7 year olds doing yoga

As you can see by my daughter's face, the party was a huge success.  I was happy that the kids learned some new yoga poses, they were active for an hour and they all had a great time.

In keeping with the theme of the party I wanted to give one good loot bag item.  I looked at giving each child their own yoga mat to take home but the cost was too high for this mama.  Instead I found a yoga DVD through Scholastic that fit my budget and would continue the yoga theme at home.  Everyone was thrilled to receive it.

I hope you've been inspired to give a yoga party a try.  How can you go wrong when you end the party by saying "Namaste" which simply means "we are all special"? What a great message to send your guests off with.

Resources for Hosting a Yoga Party at Home:

  • The ABC's of Yoga is a great book to give you simple poses aimed for kids.  They also have a fun poster.
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga is a great resource.  They have games, story ideas, movements, etc.
  • Yoga In My School also has a great list of poses (some with videos) to get you started.
  • The Yoga Kids provides some fun partner ideas as well as good instruction on technique.


  1. Love this. This is a party planned with the children in mind. It's a winner for kids, and moms!

    1. Thank you Cindy! It was a really fun party. I think the moms need a yoga party now!

  2. What a cute idea! The photos are wonderful.

    1. Thank you Pam! It is easy to get great photos when the kids are having fun :)

  3. What a great Birthday theme!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! I can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening!


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