Thursday, May 16, 2013

Infusing Play into Learning - Tower of Ten

When we include play in learning, kids defenses go down and their ability to concentrate and engage are increased.  The result is usually increased understanding and interest in the subject.  I witnessed this first hand this morning.

Tower of 10 - Infusing play into learning

My son is in grade 1 and every couple of weeks he comes home with a Math Bag.  Inside is a fun game to play with the family that reinforces some of that main concepts of grade 1 math.  Yesterday as he got off the bus he proudly showed me his Math Bag.

Tower of 10 - Infusing play into learning

Inside was a game called Tower of 10.  It is a basic game of addition but don't tell the kids that.  They had no idea that in playing this game they both did at least 40 addition problems.  True, the numbers could only add up to 12 at the most but the repetitive nature of the game allows kids to quickly master simple addition.

Tower of 10: - 2 players

Tower of 10 - Infusing play into learning

Materials Needed:

  • 2 dice for each player
  • 20 snap cubes or LEGO blocks


  1. Divide the cubes/blocks so that each player has a pile of 10.
  2. Each player rolls two dice.
  3. Add the numbers of the dice rolled. (i.e. 2 + 6 = 8, 6 + 4 = 10)
  4. Who has more?
  5. The person who has more takes a cube/block from their pile and uses it to build a tower.
  6. Continue until one person has built a 10 cube/block tower.

Alternate Play:

  • This time play who has less?  Follow instructions above but the player who's dice add up to the lowest number wins the cube/block for their tower.

Tower of 10 - Infusing play into learning

Looking for more ways to infuse fun play into learning?  Try some of these fun ideas using LEGO blocks to help your kids understand different math concepts.  Or break out the science fun this summer with these awesomely messy and explosive activities that are sure to excite the kids!

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