Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Brush with TV Fame

I recently attended a taping of CityLine that will air today.  I had been in the audience once before almost 6 years ago.  That time it was a Fashion Friday taping and the host at the time was Marilyn Dennis.  This time it was a Family Day Wednesday with new(ish) host Tracy Moore.

In high school I did a few stints as an extra in films and TV shows taping in the Toronto area.  At the time I found it fascinating to see what went on behind the scenes; the movie magic as they call it.  It was no different last week.   I loved seeing how the sets changed, how different everything looked in real life as compared to on film.  I loved seeing the guests as they were brought on the stage, how the audience was prepped for the next segment, how we were cued to clap and how walls or furniture in a sound stage were transformed to give the feel of different rooms.

Although I'm 100% jealous of Tracy's job and totally thought I should be the next 'Marilyn' a few years ago when I was off on mat leave and totally delusional; I have to say that Tracy Moore is a great host and was really impressive.

The topics that day were varied to say the least.  She was making recipes with barley, speaking to a parenting expert about communicating with your children, interviewing and juicing with a man who cured his own auto-immune disease by changing his diet, doing physical exercises with a 5 year old, back to barley, back to the parenting expert and never dropping a beat.  Whew, I'm exhausted just typing it. 

The entire experience was fun.  My girlfriend and I had a blast at the live taping and it will be fun to see ourselves in the audience when the show airs.  We were front row so we had a great view and I'm sure our 15 minutes of fame is coming with all the segment intros, etc.  One small touch I loved was how they had a play area set up for moms with little ones, they know who they're dealing with.  

We were all treated to some door prizes and there were a few lucky audience members who won amazing prizes; I’m talking SLR cameras, juicers, etc.  I am excited to open my barley gift bag and try out some new recipes.  While my barley cooks I’ll have to sit down to a cup of tea and tune into the next CityLine.  

Tetley Gift Pack
Barley Gift Pack

But remember Tracy, if you need a vacation I'm only a phone call away.  I have kids & a husband so I could definitely use a family/parenting expert's advice, recipes from food writer would be put to good use, there are definitely home improvement segments waiting to happen at my house and a few sit-ups with a personal trainer wouldn't hurt either.  Maybe you need someone to do some kid crafts with you?!? Perhaps when you're in Disney I can step in and help out.  A girl can dream can't she!  

PS - I am totally honored to be CityLine's blogger of the month for April!  


  1. SO much fun! One day I really want to be in the audience! Congrats on being a blogger for them :)

  2. Very cool Susannah! Sounds like the taping was a lot of fun.

    I've been to a taping once and I don't know how Tracy has all that energy. I was sitting in the audience and after I got home, I took a nap. LOL!

    Congrats on being the blogger of the month! Well deserved

  3. This is awesome!

    Congrats on being their Blogger of the Month!

  4. Congrats on being Blogger of the Month! The behind-the-scenes is amazing, especially if you don't expect it! Sounds like you ladies had a blast!

  5. What a cool show to attend - love the gift packs, and so cool that you are the blogger of the month! Amazing!


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