Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DINO-mite Party

My son was really into dinosaurs the summer he turned 5 so of course his birthday party needed to be over the top dinosaurs from start to finish. That being said, I am not the type of girl who likes to spend a lot of money on parties for kids. I think that with a little creativity, a few trips to the dollar store, some art supplies and time (which we’ve all got a lot of in the summer) we can put together a pretty spectacular event.

The theme was set from the invitations. I used a template from to create an e-vite for his friends. There was no doubt in the guests’minds what they were going to encounter when they arrived.

Dino-mite birthday invite

Next the kids and I spent a week or so prepping the games and decor for the party. Dinosaur cut-outs we found at the local dollar store for only 12/$1  were coloured in bright hues and tacked to the fence and swing set.

Using the same technique for the rainbow party piñata we created a prehistoric piñata filled with dinosaur eggs (gobstoppers), plastic dinos, dino tattoos, and dino bookmarks.

Dino-mite birthday pinata

A plain piece of Bristol board was transformed into ‘Pin the Bone in the Dino’s Mouth’ and the most fun for my son was the big mess we made as we created paper-mache dino eggs for an obstacle course.

Dino-mite birthday paper mache

Dino-mite birthday obstacle course

A sign drawn on our white-board welcomed guests. As each boy arrived he was given a dinosaur hat to wear for the obstacle course. Truth be told, the heat was too great and the hats were short lived but they went home in the loot-bags.

Dino-mite birthday welcome

Dino-mite birthday hats

I even managed to squeeze in a craft by having the boys colour coffee filters and presented them with their own dinosaur art when they had dried (love my Silhouette).

Dino-mite birthday craft

The kids had a great time playing the games with the biggest hit being a game of Dino-Soccer inspired by the book of the same name. My husband and his friend were the meat-eaters and the boys were the plant eaters. It was a battle to the end.

The only thing that got them to stop playing was the call for food and cake. The cake was simple, cupcakes topped with a toy dinosaur. Not one to waste anything, I used the cut-outs from the Silhouette craft to decorate the cake stand. I added a set of eyes to each dino and voila, a herd was born.

Dino-mite birthday cake

As you can see from my sons’s face, to him the party was indeed DINO-mite!


  1. Love this party! It's kid friendly and fun!

    1. Thanks Cindy! They had a great time!

  2. This is insane!! From the crafting, games, and even the dinosaur figurines on top of the cupcakes. I am taking all of these ideas and storing them on my Pinterest board for later. My son is JUST getting into dinosaurs right now and I'm pretty sure it will be an obsession in a few years like it was for yours.

  3. What an amazing birthday party!! I love how creative you are and made a great party on a do-able budget. I absolutely love the dinosaur silhouette craft. Colouring coffee filters is one of my favourite crafts. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

  4. Can I be invited to your son's next birthday party? This is awesome! (I too am a huge fan of dinosaurs :D)

    Thanks for the great tips - I am def going to remember "Pick Up Time" on the invites when my daughter is old enough to have that type of birthday.


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