Monday, March 4, 2013

Upcycling Ripped Jeans = Simple 18" doll skirt

Last month I introduced you to a new series I'm doing.  It is called Pinned It, Made It, Loved It! I've pinned a lot of great ideas on Pinterest and now I'm getting around to making some of those projects and switching them up a bit to make them my own!

This month I tried my hand at sewing some new skirts for my daughter's American Girl doll.  I had pinned an idea from Pattern Patti (now Schoolhouse Patterns) for a skirt made from old ripped jeans.

This project is great because the only materials you need are:
  • ripped pants
  • 1/4" wide elastic (9" piece per skirt)
  • embellishments if you want them

Image & Idea: Schoolhouse Patterns

I have a lot of old ripped pants at my house because I have a 6 year old boy who loves all sports and lucky for me, most of his clothes are handed down from my equally active nephew.  Two boys, lots of rolling around on the ground = lots of free fabric for my project.

I originally tried the pattern out with an old pair of jeans.  I eyeballed the length but didn't quite factor enough for my seam allowance.  I learned quickly that her doll's legs were longer than I thought so the skirt is a bit short but it is for a doll so it doesn't really matter.  If I want I can go back and add a ruffle like in the photo above to add some length.

Did you notice I made a doll sized  5 strand hairband to match her skirt?  Because their heads are small I just used the scraps I had left over, another inexpensive project!
My next attempt was an old pair of khakis.  I cut off the leg of the pang about 7" from the bottom of the leg. Because you are using the finished seam at the bottom of the pants you don't need to account for a seam allowance here. 
NOTE: If you're leg is frayed and you don't want to use it for your skirt then you will need to add another 1- 1/2 " to the cut to allow for a seam at the bottom.

The next part is simple and as long as you follow the steps.  Someone with very basic sewing skills can easily accomplish this skirt.  Basically you are going to create a casing for the elastic, thread it through and sew it closed.  For detailed instructions including pictures of every step of this project click here.

I sewed a piece of rickrack on my khaki skirt just to liven it up and I glued a flower embellishment with my glue gun onto the jean skirt.  I was really happy with the results.  It took me about 20 minutes to make each skirt and the cost was minimal.

I have since seen a project to make jeans for your dolls using the same method.  It is next on my sewing agenda. 

Image & Idea: The Savage Dolls

Just a note:  I had a colossal fail during this project too.  Since the khakis had two legs, I decided to try my hand at making a pair of shorts as well.  It was all well and good until I realised that I had not cut the fabric tall enough to accommodate the rise of the crotch.  Let's just say that our doll was showing a little too much booty for my liking.  Oh well, live and learn.  At least it wasn't an expensive mistake.

Failed attempt at shorts - oops, forgot the rise when I cut them.

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