Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Tw-Easter - Easter Ideas for the Tween Set

Tweens are awesome! They fall some place between little kids who love the magic in holidays such as Easter and teens who are too cool for school and wouldn't be caught dead searching for eggs.  With tweens you're never quite sure which way they are going to bend on any given day.

A traditional egg hunt and Easter treats may go over well with them but just in case you might want to try one of these ideas instead.  They still incorporate holiday cheer but they take on a slightly older spin on traditional Easter ideas.

Candy Coloured Nail Polish:

Instead of filling the traditional plastic eggs with chocolate I love this idea from eighteen25.  Hide a small bottle of candy coloured nail polish inside instead. 

Image & Idea: eighteen25

I don't know a tween girl who doesn't like doing her nails!


A Magical Easter:

What better time than Easter to learn how to pull a bunny out of a hat?  This magic kit allows kids to learn over 100 tricks.  That will keep them occupied for a while.

Image: Mastermind Toys
 I love the possibility of a magic show after Easter dinner and it is a great alternative activity when you don't want them hanging out in front of a screen all day. 

Easter Bunny Facial Kit:

Isn't this bunny adorable?  It is simply made by folding a facecloth and adding some embellishments.  Now you just need to add a tube of face scrub in a delicious scent and you've got the perfect tween facial kit. 

Image & Idea: A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar has beautiful step by step directions to turn a facecloth into this adorable bunny.

Egg Shaped Microscope:

Okay, this one is kind of for the parents too because it looks really cool.  It is a handheld digital microscope (43x) that hooks up to your computer.  You simply hold it over top of an object, focus it and take videos or still images. 

Image: Mastermind Toys

Your dentist bills will be less and think about how amazing their school science reports are going to be after this Easter. 

Happy Easter!


  1. I absolutely love these ideas - especially the nail polish one! I will be using these in a couple of years for sure :) Thanks!

    You've got some amazing posts you could link up on our Artsy Play Wednesday Linky!

    1. Thanks for the invite. I'll definitely pop over and 'play'.


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