Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter Egg Votives - Simple Easter Centrepiece

The kids and I dyed our Easter eggs and they came out beautifully.  Unfortunately one egg broke but instead of crying over broken eggs it gave me an idea for our Easter dinner centrepiece.

I carefully broke off the tops of 6 more eggs.   I then removed 7 votive candles from their silver shells and inserted just the wax candle into each egg shell. To make my eggs sit higher in the long holder I put the silver votive shell that I just removed from each candle upside down in each space.  These acted as a base for the eggs.  I then placed the eggs on their 'bases' in long rectangular votive holder.

A quick light of a match and voila!  A simple and beautiful centrepiece the kids were proud to call their own.

Don't have a long votive holder like the one I used?  Not to worry!  The same idea could be applied with each egg placed in its own egg-cup and centred down the table. 

I hope you all have a very happy Easter!

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