Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter at the Farm

Last weekend we met up with good friends at a local farm for a day of Easter fun.  The children were treated to a day of face painting, egg decorating, magic shows, farm animals, egg hunts and delicious homemade baking.

We have never visited a farm at Easter before and this sunny Sunday seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I hate to think about it but I know that there won't be many more years where our kids are at that magical stage of belief and wonderment.  We had to seize the day.

Face painting was a must.  The kids could choose from a variety of different options but three out of four stuck with the theme and chose bunny noses and whiskers.  My little puppy decided he could chase the bunnies with his face paint.

We snuck inside the barn to try our hand at some magic and to warm our toes.  Being the city girl I am, I completely forgot that we were going north and that rain boots might not suffice.  The magic show was all about bunnies and of course the pièce de résistance was the live bunny that he magically produced at the end.

But the highlight of the outing was the Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Easter Bunny himself.  The kids lined up with their baskets, the Easter Bunny gave them the green light and they were off to collect as many eggs as they could.  It was a bit of a free-for-all but with the number of eggs scattered, no one was left out.

Of course our little bunnies (and puppy dog) came back with baskets filled.  The farm had set it up so that you traded your plastic eggs for a goody bag filled with real Easter treats.  It didn't matter if you had one egg or a bushel full, everyone got the same treat in the end.  

Even the Easter Bunny himself got a treat -  the opportunity to catch my husband's famous juggling expertise.  Everyone was in the Easter spirit and those plastic eggs came in handy once again.

Farms all across the country host Easter activities.  If you get a chance this weekend, take the opportunity to visit and support one of your local farms.  It is always great to get outside and it proved the perfect family outing.  I really hope this becomes a new family tradition -  for the next few "magical" years at least.

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