Wednesday, March 13, 2013

7 Luck of the Irish Guinness Desserts for St. Patrick's Day!

There is nothing that screams Irish more than Guinness so in honour of  St. Patrick's Day this Sunday I've put together a group of Guinness desserts for the adults.


Guinness Chocolate Pudding:

This recipe from Closet Cooking combines Guinness with the delicious taste of chocolate.  Not only is Guinness used in the pudding recipe, it is also incorporated into the whipped cream for a double whammy of Irish cheer.

Image & Recipe - Closet Cooking

Guinness Ice Cream:

Ice cream sounds daunting I know but this recipe from Foodista for Guinness Ice Cream sounds surprisingly easy.  It only has 5 ingredients and the most difficult step is boiling beer.  That doesn't sound too difficult now, does it?

Image & Recipe - Foodista

Dark Chocolate Guinness Rice Krispie Treats:

The Sweet Chick has taken a kid's dessert and turned it into a dessert the adults will be fighting over.  With Guinness in the rice krispies and in the icing they will be a huge hit.

Image & Recipe: The Sweet Chick


Sweet & Salty Guinness Pie:

I am a sucker for anything that combines sweet and salty.  It is a flavour combination that I can't resist.  Now Kids in the Sink is throwing in Guinness.  Delicious!

Image & Recipe: Kids in the Sink

Guinness Float with Coffee Ice Cream:

Feeling like something a little more playful?  Why not try your hand at Fader magazine's recipe for a Guinness float.  Made with coffee ice cream, salty peanuts and chocolate sauce it is a drink and dessert all rolled into one delicious glass.

Image: The Post Social

Chewy Guinness Oatmeal Cookies:

This is a Guinness dessert you can take on the go.  Off to a St. Patty's day party?  Be the guest that gets invited back.  Take a batch of this No-Frills Recipe Chewy Guinness Oatmeal Cookies for the host or hostess. 

Image & Recipe: No Frills Recipes

Guinness Cake:

The traditionalists who prefer cake for dessert can make this delicious Guinness Cake.  I first shared Brian Leth's recipe with you last father's day.  It was a hit then and will be a hit again this St. Patrick's Day.

Chef Brian Leth's Guinness Cake - Image courtesy of People Magazine

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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  1. Guiness Ice Cream and Cake!!! My husband would finish both of those things all on his own. Thanks for sharing. Now to figure out how to hide some of it for myself this weekend :)

    1. It's like drinks and dessert all tied up in one! Multi-tasking in the kitchen too! I hope you try one of the recipes.


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