Thursday, February 21, 2013


My family had a great holiday last week but the entire time we were away my son's front tooth was hanging on by a string (or whatever teeth hang on by).  I desperately wanted to reach over and yank it out.  I couldn't handle staring at the grotesque tooth dangler.

I restrained myself - well, my husband restrained me if we are being honest here.  I managed the whole week without pulling it out although I did offer a lot of crunchy carrots and apples to him.  I knew it would come out in due time and last night it happened on its own. 

As we were clearing the table my son ran into the kitchen, the pearly white tooth in his hand and a HUGE gap in the front of his mouth.  I have to admit that I squawked a bit, squeeled a bit, and basically shed a tear.  My desire to pull out that tooth and rid myself of staring at it hanging there was overwhelmingly overtaken by the realization that my baby is growing up, that he's not going to be my little guy forever.

The immediate change in his appearance was startling to me and this is before those huge gangly adult teeth start pushing their way in.  In retrospect I am glad that I managed to contain myself last week and enjoy our time with him looking like my 'little guy'.  We had lots of cuddles, playtime and handholding.  I know that my mama's boy won't be a mama's boy forever so I should stop and enjoy each stage and not try to rush them. 

Now I need to embrace the huge front tooth phase.  I hope I'm up for it.

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