Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teaching an old mom new tricks

I have an e-commerce website and now I have this blog.  I often get asked by people about who made my website.  When I say that it was me they are often shocked.  I don't think that the shock has so much to do with the fact that I personally am capable of creating a website myself but really more that someone they know; a mom, a crafter, a businesswoman; knows how to make a website, knows how to code. 

Now I would never claim to be a master coder. I really only know some basic html coding. But that small amount of knowledge has opened doors for me and provided opportunities and income that I would never have had if I had not known how to code.

I love this video. It really highlights the benefits of teaching coding in schools.  Coding is something I wasn't taught growing up, I taught myself out of necessity on a job.  While it is true that in grade 4 I was given access to a PET computer and I learned a few commands to move the cursor around the screen but after that I really had no computer training except to learn to touch type. is a non-profit whose goal is to expose all students to computer programming.  They believe that computer programming is a liberal art and something EVERY student in the world should be exposed to at some point in their childhood education.
I love their interactive learning tools that allow anyone to dip their feet in the coding waters and try a few fun coding activities.  I especially loved making Karel the dog move around and pick up his ball simply by typing a few lines of code. 
The idea of coding can be really intimidating. It feels like a foreign language and in some ways it is; but learning to code helps you to learn to problem solve. I think my kids would love to try Scratch, a free program you can download.  It basically works like Lego, allowing them to snap together scratch blocks of code to create their own interactive stories, games, music and art projects. 

As I've worked to grow my blog I've been forced to learn more about technology, social media, etc.  It seems there is always something new on the horizon and something more to learn.  But that is part of what I find appealing.  It is great for an old mom like me to learn new tricks and skills. 

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  1. I think learning at any age is a great thing. I was taught to code in school (or rather fell in love with computers) and became a programmer after university.

    These days now that I'm at home with two kids I am learning non-technical skills. A lot of imagination and creative learning for this mama. This is why I read your blog :)


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