Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When a bookshelf isn't just a bookshelf

It is a new year and with the new year comes my need to get organized.  These are some great ideas that anyone can do to get organized because they don't require a contractor, construction or an expensive budget. 

Bookshelf Turned Mud Closet:

Missy from Lookie What I Did came up with this great idea to organize your mudroom or front entrance using a standard bookshelf (hers was from IKEA).  The great thing about this idea is that bookshelves aren't very deep so most people can find space for one even in a tight space and they are relatively inexpensive.

Image & Idea: Looky What I Did

If you're thinking about trying this yourself, head over to her blog for great instructions on how to do it.

Bookshelves Turned Bench Seating:

I absolutely love this idea and want to find a way to incorporate it into my house.  It is two bookshelves (IKEA once again) turned on their sides and made into bench seats.  With baskets for storage they create a great place for stories and hanging out with friends but also provide a place for everything.

Image & Idea: I Heart Organizing

Jen at I Heart Organizing has provided the full instructions and great photos if you want to try this in your home.  I hope, hope, hope to try it in mine.

Bookshelf Turned Purse Storage:

A bookshelf with a place for clutches on one side and hooks to hang purses on the other is a great use of space and gives your purses a proper home.  This idea from Lucky Magazine shows how simple this project is.

Image & Idea: Lucky Magazine

Bookshelf Turned Costume Closet:

A tickle trunk is great but costumes can get crushed, forgotten or damaged.  This idea takes a bookshelf with a simple tension rod to create a pint sized closet for dress up clothes.

Image and Idea: MetamorpHOUSE

I love the addition of the bins at the bottom to store all the gloves, wands, crowns, etc.  A great idea and easy for the kids to see what they have.

Bookshelf turned doll's closet:

This one is definitely something I'm thinking about.  My daughter and her friends are all a bit obsessed with their "American Girl" dolls and we seem to have clothes or bits of outfits everywhere in the house.  Maybe a proper home would get them put away and organized.

I grabbed this photo from Pinterest but there was no link.  Looking for doll hangers?  Amazon usually has them.  Also, it is key to apply the wallpaper to the back of the standard bookshelf BEFORE nailing it together.  Trust me, you'll appreciate the advice later.


  1. I love these ideas, I will def be trying them and subscribing to the other bloggers

    1. I just love how each of them re-purposed something so simple and made it incredible. Definitely subscribe to them, you won't be disappointed! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. hi there
    what size is the bookshelf for the dress up clothes?


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