Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It - Braided T-shirt headbands

Welcome to the first installment of Pinned It, Made It, Loved It!  I am starting a new series that focuses on some of the great projects out there on the web.  There are so many talented and creative people that I find myself pinning projects all the time.  Now it is time to make some of those projects!

One of my goals for New Years was to dust off my sewing machine and get cracking.  My daughter was invited to a birthday party and wanted to give a "sporty" headband along with some earrings.  I found this project at Make It, Love It and decided to give it a try.

The first stop was at the local thrift store to pick up some t-shirts.  I looked in the ladies' section but they were priced $5.99 and over.  I went to the men's section and they were only $1.99.  Go figure.  I found some colours that I liked, picked the biggest sizes possible to give me more fabric to work with and tried to avoid t-shirts with big logos (they take up valuable fabric real estate).  I brought them home, washed them and got cutting.

Make It, Love It states that you need to cut 5 strips about 2 x the circumference of your head (or the head of the person you're making it for).  For the thick headbands they suggest cutting each strip to be 2" wide and for thin headbands to make the strips 0.75" wide.  I made my thin ones 1" because it was easier to measure. 

I was able to cut 5 - 2" strands and 5 - 1" strands from one t-shirt.  That meant that I could make a thick headband and a thin headband from each t-shirt.  I used my rotary cutter because I have one and find it easier but regular scissors will do the trick. 

The instructions on Make It Love It are really clear because Ashley included so many photos.  As long as you take your time and adjust your tension as you go along, the process is simple.  I found attaching my strands to a clip board made it MUCH easier.

One of my t-shirts had a bigger logo across the middle so I tried making a headband including it to see what happened.  I also tried mixing colours; 2 strands of one colour, 3 strands of the other.

The results were great.  The only thing I didn't really love was the piece that covers the seam. I felt it looked a little messy.

 Maybe a bit more practice would solve that but I decided on embellishment instead.  I had some felt shapes in my sewing box so I attached the non-self stick ones using my hot glue gun and the self stick ones I just peeled the backs off and stuck on.

I love how they turned out and my daughter was over the moon. 
One things I love about these headbands is that they are washable (we'll see how my embellishments hold up) because they are made of t-shirt fabric.  That means they're perfect for exercising, sports, gym class, etc.  Just throw them in the wash with everything else.  A fun and inexpensive project!  Thanks Make It, Love It!

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  1. Love this idea! Thanks for the easy instructions. Susannah is also my name, it sure is a lovely unique name isn't it?


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