Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slow Down Mommy - a child's advice!

What a great reminder and ever so true!  I stumbled upon this poem "Slow Down Mummy" written by Rebekah Knight and it just hit home. 

I feel like I am constantly rushing from one task to the next and I feel (no - I know) I am missing out on some of the little day to day joys that come with motherhood.  Between working, keeping a home, writing a blog, driving to school/lessons, being a good wife and keeping up friendships, I am constantly on the go.  I must admit that while I am there in body, sometimes my mind is already racing ahead thinking about everything else I need to do. 

My daughter turned 8 last week and it really hit me how fast the years go by. Rebekah hit the nail on the head, 'our childhood is not here to stay'.  So today I am going to take a breath, make a cup of tea and just spend some time enjoying my kids.  We're not going to rush out the door to a class, a party, an event.  We're not doing groceries, we're not checking emails.  Today we're just going to hang out, bake some cookies, make a mess, lick the spoons and just enjoy being together.

slow down mummy, there is no need to rush,
slow down mummy, what is all the fuss?
slow down mummy, make yourself a cup tea.
Slow down mummy, come and spend some
... time with me.

slow down mummy, lets put our boots on and go out for a walk,
lets kick at piles of leaves, and smile and laugh and talk.
slow down mummy, you look ever so tired,
come sit and snuggle under the duvet and rest with me a while.

slow down mummy, those dirty dishes can wait,
slow down mummy, lets have some fun, lets bake a cake!
slow down mummy I know you work a lot,
but sometimes mummy, its nice when you just stop.

sit with us a minute,
and listen to our day,
spend a cherished moment,
because our childhood is not here to stay!
R.Knight 2011

I hope you can take time to 'slow down mommy' and enjoy a little time with your family. 

PS - Rebekah's words are beautiful.  She shares her thoughts on life,  her poems and lyrics over at her blog, Shine Like Stars


  1. What a great poem. I've heard several of those lines from my daughter these past few months.

    I have struggled with slowing down for the past four years. You are right that we all need to slow down because these precious years and moments with our children fly by so quickly. I always need a reminder to step away from the computer and phone, stop making to do lists in my head when my kids and husband are talking to me and just live in the present moment.

    Thank you for reminding me to slow down this Christmas. I will be unplugging for a few days next week and I'm looking forward to it. Just me, my kids, husband, family, friends and a camera!

    1. It is amazing how impactful such simple phrases can be when you give them the voice of your child. Enjoy your Christmas!

  2. Love this poem. Like Cheryl I too feel the exact same way. As I left for holidays yesterday my boss told me to unplug, shut my phone off and read a book. What great advice. Looking forward to snuggling in with a cup of tea and just being me and the twins mom for awhile.

    1. What an amazing boss. Enjoy your twins and your family time.


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