Friday, December 14, 2012

30 years of Baking Memories

Baking at the holidays is something I can remember doing since as far back as my memories go.  Pretty apropos considering it is Robin Hood's 30th anniversary of their Holiday Recipe Collection and I'm 30-something.  

You can imagine my excitement when a box of baking supplies showed up at my door just in time for the holiday baking season! 

When I was young I would bake with my mom, later I baked with friends and now I'm baking with my kids.  It is always fun, the results are delicious and if you're really tricky you can sneak in a math lesson or two as you measure your ingredients. 

One of my favourite things about baking at this time of year is that you can try new recipes and pull out your old favourites. There are always small gifts to be given, parties/pot-lucks to attend and baked goods are the perfect thing to keep on hand for all those occasions.

Included in my box was the Robin Hood Holiday Recipe Collection. This year's edition didn't disappoint. I'm am already salivating at the thought of the Chewy Bacon Butterscotch Cookies as well as the Chocolate PB Bites. 


The great thing is, there are some savory recipes too such as the Tuscan Inspired Pesto Pasta.  If you don't have a copy of the Holiday Recipe Collection you can download it at the Robin Hood website.  Try to get your hands on a hard copy though because there are lots of great coupons inside which will save you some money and that is always a good thing.

I have already used some of my ingredients in my Santa's Favourite Cookies and my Cranberry and White Chocolate Scones.  Next on my baking list is some truffles with a twist.  Look out for those next week!

Have you tried any of the delicious Robin Hood recipes yet?

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