Thursday, November 8, 2012

My secret addiction

I have a secret I need to share. I have an addiction. I’m just going to come out and say it, I love Pinterest.

If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest it can be a bit confusing and you might wonder what exactly you are supposed to do when you join. I actually had a friend ask me this exact question this week. BUT, if you are a bit of an organizational freak like me and you also see about a million things a day in blogs, emails, magazines, etc. that make you think, “ day I could do/use/make/buy/need that” then you too might find the merits of Pinterest.

Think of it as your own group of virtual cork boards (I think they prefer the term ‘inspiration boards'). Instead of physically printing out ideas, ripping out pages from magazines, holding onto emails in the hopes that you’ll remember to look back at them in the future, you ‘pin’ items from websites, blogs and emails. You can create any number of boards to sort out your pins. You can go back and re-sort pins later on. Once you have ‘pinned’ an item on your board it is there waiting for you to click on the link any time you want to access the website that it came from.

Just like on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter you can follow other pinners. This gives you access to their inspiration boards and further allows you to discover new sites, interesting information, and exciting ideas. You don’t even need to know the people you follow because there is no real personal information shared, unless of course you consider their taste to be ‘personal information’. I have found that it has really opened my mind to new sites and ideas that I might never have found on my own.

Follow Me on Pinterest

I am at the point where I actually want to go back and organize my boards a bit more to make it even easier for me to access my ideas. If you do get into ‘pinning’ let me forewarn you, it can be a little addictive and can definitely eat up time without you really knowing it. My Pinterest time is when I’m waiting for the kids to come home on the bus. It is a limited amount of time and is keeping my pinning addiction in check. Happily though, I’ve got lots of inspiration and project ideas galore!

I hope you'll follow me and find the joy in pinning that I have found this last year.

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