Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Counting Down till Christmas

The other day I showed you some homemade advent calendars you could make with your family.  Counting down to Christmas doesn't have to be done with a traditional calendar, there are so many ways to mark off the days until Christmas.


The Book Countdown:

This is one of my favourite ideas, probably because reading with my kids is one of my favourite things to do.  Instead of buying little presents or candies for advent, wrap up a book for each day and number them from 1-24.  Each day the kids unwrap a new book that you enjoy as a family.  By no means do they all have to be Christmas books but you can definitely intersperse some Christmas books in there.  Alison at Oopsey Daisy includes a list of Christmas themed books with her post.

Image & Idea: Oopsey Daisy
You don't need to buy all the books at one time either.  Spread out the purchase throughout the year and it won't be overwhelming.

Activities Advent:

I love this idea.  Instead of the kids getting a treat every day leading up to Christmas, create an experience/activity card for each day.  This provides the family an activity to do together, especially at a time of year when everyone is running in different directions and life is so busy.

Image & Idea: All Things Simple
Worried you won't have time to come up with your own ideas, download and print off these from Plum Adorable.

Free Printables: Plum Adorable

Santa's Belt Countdown:

I love this cushion from the UK company, Lakeland.  While you may not want to order one for yourself and ship it across the Atlantic, you could easily take inspiration from this cushion and create something spectacular of your own.

Image: Lakeland

Wreath Pillow Countdown:

This homemade pillow comes with all the instructions you need to make one of your own.  Simple in form it allows you to move the Christmas wreath each day to mark the days until Christmas.

Image & Tutorial: Less than Perfect Life of Bliss
Does your family have any traditions to count down the days until Christmas?

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