Friday, October 19, 2012

You've been tagged - Taming the morning chaos

Can you believe that some of your weekday morning chaos could be eliminated with a simple tag?

We all know that weekday mornings can be cruel to us moms.  Remembering who has what on what day, who needs what on what day and heck, remembering what day it is at all can prove challenging at times.  I try to encourage my kids to take responsibility for their things, to pack their school bags and to make sure they have everything they need but it doesn't always go as planned.  We all know who gets blamed at school don't we?  Yup, you know it...dear old mom!

Every day my kids and I look at the calendar to figure out what day it is.  (I know, you're beginning to think I've lost it - checking every day?!?)  Our school runs on a 5 day rotation - not Monday to Friday.  This means that any time we have a day off from school, the rotation shifts by a day so it is always changing.

Once we've discerned what day it is, we have to remember which special classes each kid has that day.  Basically we're trying to remember whether we need library books, instruments, running shoes, sharing items, etc.  When I had one child in school I could usually remember these things on my own but now with multiple kids, I'm finding it a challenge.

The other day I was in a (dollar) store when I saw these adorable luggage tags.  In an instant I knew how they could help me tame the morning chaos. 

When I got home I measured the size of the tag opening.  I printed out a schedule for each kid and added any extra information they might forget (i.e. Monday - homework folder).  I slipped them into the luggage tags and attached them to their school bags.  Now in the morning we quickly consult the school calendar to see what day it is (no, that hasn't changed) and then they check their school bag tag to make sure they are putting in everything they need for that day. 

It has certainly taken some of the stress out of the morning chaos and it is teaching them to be responsible by ensuring they have everything they need for that day. 

The same premise could be used for after school activities.  If you have a dedicated bag for hockey, dance, piano, etc.  You can create a list of items that they need to ensure are packed each time they go to their activity.  You've done your part to help them get organized and it puts the onus on them to be prepared.  This is a skill they'll need forever so why not help them master it now!

How do you keep your family organized?  Share your ideas below!

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  1. The kids are LOVING this in the morning!


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