Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spooktacular Halloween Fun for the Family

There are a million amazing Halloween decorations out there and if money is no object, you could go to town.  But, if you still want to add some spook to your Halloween and you don't want to break the bank, these are a few simple and spooktacular ideas that you and your family could do at home.

I see see see see you:

Talk about being watched!  This frame is so cute and simple to make.  A few packs of googly eyes from the dollar/craft store, some ribbon and letters, a cheap frame, some glue and you're done!

Image & Idea:  A diamond in the stuff

Ghosts and Bats...oh my:

Who doesn't love a good old craft that uses egg cartons!  We've all made our fair share of caterpillars but have you made a bat?

Image, Idea and Instructions: Happy Clippings

Imagine your chandelier dripping with homemade bats and ghosts.  I love the addition of the maple leaf ghosts - a great Canadian tribute!

You've been Slimed:

Can you imagine the faces on your kids when they go into the bathroom and find this in the morning?

Image & Slime:  Adhering Words

It is simply removable green vinyl cut into the shape of slime.  I can picture my son running into my daughter's room in hysterics as I type this.  Vinyl is available in most craft stores.

We're being watched...EVERYWHERE!

Another great recycling project that is simple and fun.  Keep those toilet rolls, cut some eye shapes into them.  Insert a glowstick purchased at the dollar store and hide them in the bushes at night. 

Images, Idea & Instructions: Thrifty Crafty Girl

Spooks Just Hangin' Around:

This is the cutest Halloween banner and simple to make at home.  Leanne used scrapbook paper but construction paper would work just as well, you likely have it hanging around the house and it probably works out a little cheaper.

Image, Idea & Instructions: Organize Your Stuff Now

Trick or Tweet:

Let's not forget our birdy friends (or squirrels if you live near me).  These milk/juice container feeders are fun for the kids to make and decorate.  I love the pumpkin one.

Image, Idea & Instructions: Lakeshore Learning

Wishing you lots of fun and frights this Halloween.  I hope it's SPOOKTACULAR!

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