Friday, October 12, 2012

Protein Rich and Full of Vitamins - A great cold pack/lunch idea!

My daughter is not a sandwich eater and she isn't a big fan of left-over meat from last night's dinner either.  I can send her a lunchbox full of veggies and she is happy (not a bad problem to have, I know).  I often send hummus to accompany her veggies but I find it hard to fit in protein when we can't send nut products, my other go-to protein source for her.

Everyone in my family loves smoothies and we often make them ourselves so this year I started making extra big batches and freezing them in lunch box sized drinking containers. 

I pop one in her bag and it is thawed out by lunch time.  It acts as a perfect freezer pack as well so there is no need for an extra ice-pack in the lunch bag. 

By using Greek yogurt I am infusing it with protein.  They always get finished and are deemed a treat by my kids.  It is a win-win situation all around.

I don't follow a set recipe in terms of measurements but this is how they always evolve.


  • ice cubes
  • frozen fruit (any type)
  • ripe or overripe banana - peeled and broken into pieces
  • Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)
  • orange juice


  1. Put 5-7 ice-cubes in the blender
  2. Add about a cup of frozen fruit
  3. Add the banana.  (over ripe bananas you've tossed in the freezer work perfectly)
  4. Add about 4 heaping tablespoons of yogurt.
  5. Fill the blender 1/2 to 2/3 full with orange juice.
  6. *  Turn the blender on and mix until smooth. *
  7. Divide into lunch bag size drink containers and freeze them.
*  You may need to turn it off, give a stir, then restart it.  Make sure the blender is turned off before doing this.

I hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine do!

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