Saturday, October 27, 2012

Online Halloween Fun - Cool Tools

I am getting into the Halloween spirit and there are a few online tools that can make your family totally ghoulish this Halloween.  It looks like we're heading for a few days of rain so these online activities will be fun for the family.  If you can upload a photo, you can create fun and memorable Halloween treats for your family. 

Halloween Manipulation of Photos:

The first tool I tried was the Halloween editor on PicMonkey.  It is free and it lets you manipulate a photo to make it as creepy as you like.  All you do is upload your photo and choose from a huge selection of options to make your own unique and spooky Halloween avatar. 

I went from the Creative Mama on a Dime with her trusty sidekick to....

...the Scary Mama on a dime with her little ghoul

They have Day of the Dead and Halloween options to choose from.  Play around with the different themes; Zombies, Day of the Dead, Vampires, Witches, Demons and Trick or Treat.  I used a little bit of this and a little bit of that in my picture.

I had so much fun playing with this that I can't wait to see what the kids can do with their photos.

Virtual Family Dance Party:

The second online tool I played with was JibJab.  It allows you to upload photos of your family and with a few clicks of the mouse it takes your faces and imposes them on characters who dance and sing to fun tunes.  When you're all done you can email the card to a friend, post it to Facebook and just replay it over and over for the family. 

This is my family doing the Monster Rap.

The kids and their friends thought it was hilarious.  They begged me to make another one with all of them so that is my task today.

They have cards for every occasion and no occasion at all.  Your 'heads' are saved so once you do the initial upload of photos you can make cards in no time at all.

I remember that this used to be a free tool but now there is a fee associated with it.  You can make it for free and see the first few seconds without paying but if you want to share it and see the whole video there is an annual fee of $12 US which provides you unlimited access. 

I found the Promo code: GoPromo10 that I found online and it worked.  I figure the amount of laughter this tool elicited from my kids made it well worth it, even for a Creative Mama on a Dime.

I hope you and your family have some fun playing around on these sites.

What other sites do you use to play with your photos online?

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