Monday, October 15, 2012

Mesmerized Monday - Week of October 15

I am slowly transferring over posts from my old blog to Creative Mama on a Dime.  This post was originally published on February 6, 2012. 

It is that time of the week again. Time for another installment of Mesmerized Mondays.

Smiles All Around:

This is a simple and delicious snack for the kids that is bound to make them smile. Someone suggested substituting the mini-marshmallows for pieces of a mozzarella cheese-string, love that idea. I can't wait to make these for the kids!

Photo and Idea: Disney Family


I stumbled upon this video the other day when I clicked through to Lil Blue Boo's blog for the Homeopathic Hot Pack I highlighted in last week's Mesmerized Monday blog. I was prepared to meet an amazing woman who is talented, creative and generous in her knowledge. I wasn't prepared for what else I'd find.

Ashley and her family have been thrown a curve ball, the super scary "C" word. Her story is developing daily and she is documenting her battle in her blog.

Photo & Video: Lil Blue Boo

Her Rite of Passage video above had me sobbing at my desk. It marks a huge milestone in her battle with cancer. It highlights her bravery but also the vulnerability and uncertainty facing herself, her husband and young daughter. I am following her journey, wishing their family well and praying for her health.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle = Fun & Games:

In my house bubble wrap garners almost as much excitement as Christmas presents. I don't know what it is about kids and bubble wrap but they all seem to love it. When I saw this idea for a hopscotch game made from bubble wrap I knew we had a hit.

Photo & Idea: Giver's Log

I'll have to scour the office for some bubble wrap and try this with the kids. For safety reasons I would make sure to do this on carpet or tape the bubble wrap to the floor so it doesn't slip.


The photo says it all, use old milk or bread tags to help identify which cord is which in your power bar.

Photo & Idea: Apartment Therapy

But what about all those cords we have lying around that aren't plugged in? I'm talking about the cords for the battery chargers for my camera, the kids cameras, cell phones, video cameras, etc. Here is a great idea.

Photo & Idea: There I Fixed It

An old shoebox and toilet rolls can fix that problem. The crazy jumble of cords in my desk drawer be warned, I'm coming after you!!


This last week I couldn't have been without my H2O Steam Mop X5. I only got it a few weeks ago and I know it sounds CRAZY but it makes me so happy. We were a house full of germs last week, we had step, ear infections, stomach bugs, etc. You name it, we had it. I became fanatical about sterilizing everything in the house using the attachments on my new H2O Steam mop.

Photo: H20 Mop X5

Not to mention, my floors have never been so clean and I love that it uses nothing more than water (very hot water) so there are no chemicals floating around after cleaning. I got mine at the Showcase store at the local mall but I'm sure you can get them other places too. Just an FYI - I in no way get anything for promoting this product except for sheer joy at sharing how much I love this mop.

There you have it, another week, another round-up. Until next week...

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