Monday, October 8, 2012

Keeping them safe

I recently came upon these safety ideas and thought they were really good.  I wanted to share them with you.

Emergency Bracelet:

We all know how easy it could be to become separated from our kids in a park, playground, amusement park, etc. 

Image & Idea: The Good Stuff Guide

This simple bracelet with your cell phone number on it gives someone all the information they need to get in contact with you immediately. 


Strangers vs. Tricky People:

I loved this tip that it isn't right to teach your kids not to talk to strangers.  Strangers can in fact be helpful.  Imagine the scenario above and you will know that sometimes your kids may NEED to talk to a stranger so don't make them fearful. 

Image: SPVM

Instead arm them with appropriate information:
  • If you are lost, find a mom (or dad) with kids and ask them to help you. 
  • Never go anywhere with any adult unless you can ask your mom or dad first.
  • Beware of Tricky People - adults who ask kids for help.  An adult never needs the help of a child.

For a more detailed list and a really clear definition that separates the stranger from a tricky person, I suggest you hop on over to Check List Mommy.  It is a great post.


We should all have an ICE contact number in our cell phones and our kids should have one too.  It stands for "In Case of Emergency".  Your number should be stored in their contacts as "ICE".  It will provide a direct link to you should your child ever find themselves in trouble and unable to provide that number themselves.

Image: In Case of Emergencies
I learned from the In Case of Emergencies website that it can take an average of 5 hours and 51 minutes to contact a family member in the event of an emergency.  Almost 6 hours....mind boggling!  This company out of Ottawa, Ontario provides tags that contain emergency information that can be attached to bike helmets, bags, shoes, key chains, etc. 

I hope none of us ever need these precautions but it is better to be prepared.  Our children are so valuable and you can never be too safe!

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