Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homemade Halloween - The Cat in the Hat

Halloween is just around the corner and most kids have costumes on their minds. My kids are no different, they love Halloween, they love dressing up but outside of Halloween they are not really  costume wearing kids. 

While there are lots of amazing costumes available to purchase, costumes are expensive.  I find it hard to part with $30 for each kid when I know that the costume will only be worn for 1 day. So, at this time of year the Creative Mama in me comes out as we try to make our own costumes together. My son in particular gets really into the planning and making of his costumes.

Two years ago his costume of choice was The Cat in the Hat. It was simple to make and a big hit.

The Cat in the Hat
We made a hat by alternating red and white striped felt. We made a simple bow tie from red felt and put a Velcro closure on it. We didn't have black pants or a long sleeved t-shirt but we did have black skeleton pajamas. No problem. We turned the inside out and no one was the wiser. Anyway, who doesn't want to get to spend the day in their jammies.
My cat didn't want a tail because he thought it would get in the way at school so he was tailless but it would have been easy to stuff a black nylon and attach it to a black belt or a piece of black ribbon and tie it around his waist.
Want to give it a try?  Here is what you'll need...
  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Black t-shirt and pants
  • Black nylon
  • Velcro
  • Thread
  • Black face paint (or eye liner)
 Homemade Halloween costumes are a lot of fun and provide great memories.  I still remember making my own Boy George costume  (yes - that dates me) when I was little.  I remember the pride I felt telling people I made it myself.  I can already see that pride in my son's eyes when he wears his own homemade costumes.

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