Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Earth's Own Almond Fresh - Recipe & Review

This weekend I attended the She's Connected conference in Toronto.  While there I was able to meet and interact with many brands.  One of the best parts was learning about new products (or new to me) such as Earth's Own Almond Fresh. 

Being perfectly honest I had seen it at the grocery store but had never picked it up and put it in my cart.  I hate waste and sometime find myself hesitant to give new things a try (don't tell my kids).  Having the opportunity to try it without commitment was perfect for me.  Gotta love a sample.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  I was expecting it to be really heavy tasting and thick but it wasn't at all.  It was light and refreshing.  I tried the Original flavour and really enjoyed it.  I have a feeling my kids would especially love the chocolate flavor so next time I'm shopping I'll pick some up.  Their newest flavor is Noël Nog just in time for the holidays.

It is the benefits of almonds that make this drink even more appealing.  Did you know that almonds are:
  • Low Fat & Cholesterol Free
  • Excellent Source of Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Source of Vitamin E:
  • Antioxidants
I love that they now have single serve portions.  Unfortunately the product contains nuts so I can't throw the single serving packs in the kids' lunch bags but we can keep them in the house for drinking on the go.  
Their website has some delicious sounding recipes using Almond Fresh.  I love the idea of the Almond Fresh Apple-Tini.  It contains no alcohol so would be a really fun treat to serve up to the kids, especially when entertaining.

Almond Fresh Apple-Tini Recipe
(1 serving)

  • 2 oz apple juice
  • 1 oz Almond Fresh Unsweetened
  • splash caramel syrup
  • dash fresh lemon juice

1. Combine ingredients over ice in a martini shaker.
2. Shake vigorously and serve in martini glass.
3. Garnish with a cherry or apple slice.

If you haven't given it a try yet I encourage you to do so.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!



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