Monday, September 17, 2012

The most wonderful time of the year...

My favourite day of the year is not my birthday or Christmas, it is the day my family goes apple picking. I don't know what it is; the fresh air, the delicious apples, or the drive through the country but this day always seems magical to me.

We tend to go at the beginning of October although apple picking season in Ontario starts in September .  For me, waiting is all about the amazing varieties of apples we can choose from and a lot of my favourites seem to be late September varieties. 

It is the perfect family outing.  We get to run around, chase each other through the orchard, pick (and eat) amazing apples, play on the hay bales, pick a pumpkin and best yet, take home amazing locally grown fruit and support our local farmers. 

I always get carried away and pick a million (barely exaggerating) but we all love them.  I try and get some smaller ones for school lunches and apple recipes are endless.  Who doesn't like apple crisp, apple pie, apple sauce, caramel apples? 

As you can see, the fall offers all kinds of weather.  It has been hot (notice the tanks and bare tummies last year), it has been downright cold (toques, gloves and still cold) but it is a day I look forward to all year long.


The air is beginning to have a crisp feeling in the evenings now.  This is a sure sign to me that apple picking season is upon us.  I can't wait for our annual visit to the apple orchard.

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