Monday, September 24, 2012

Gobble..Gobbled...Gone...Turkey Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes a few years back at Thanksgiving and they were a HUGE hit with the kids.  I totally cheated and used a boxed cake mix and a can of frosting but they didn't care one bit.



  • Baked and cooled cupcakes
  • chocolate frosting
  • 6 candy corn for each cupcake
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • 2 silver dragées (silver candy balls) for each cupcake

Directions for Decorating:

  1. Ice each cupcake with the chocolate icing. 
  2. To form your turkey's head, create a found dollop of icing at the front of each cupcake.
  3. Sprinkle behind the dollop with chocolate sprinkles.  These are your feathers.
  4. To create a beak, insert 1 candy corn sticking out horizontally from your turkey's head.
  5. To create tail feathers, insert 5 candy corn sticking up vertically from the back of each cupcake.  Make sure the skinny tip of the candy corn is the part that is sticking up into the air.
  6. To create eyes, add 2 dragées onto each head.

Voila, you are done.  They look impressive but by taking the shortcut with the cake and icing, they are truly simple and quick to make.  Just don't tell anyone your little secret.  I know they'll be gobble gobbled up!


  1. so cute!! I'm hosting a Thanksgiving party all month long (until Thanksgiving) and would love for you to come over and link it up! This is in addition to my normal Tasteful Tuesday party that runs every Tuesday. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate Thanksgiving and be THANKFUL for all our blessings.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love meeting new bloggers and discovering new exciting blogs to read. I've linked up.

  2. hi! Happy Thanksgiving! You are being featured today and Nap-Time Creations Thanksgiving features. Please grab a featured button if you don't already have one. Enjoy the holiday!


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