Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Books, Bags, Homework...Oh my!

As you've learned about me in past posts, I am a little clutter averse.  Case in point, my experience on the first day of summer vacation.  Now that the kids are back in school I'm looking for a few new organizational tips to make me breathe easier and the household run a little smoother.

Utilizing Vertical Space:

This could actually be a photo of my daughter's room (minus her clutter of course).  I love the use of vertical space.  We have a painting above her desk but I love the spice racks from Ikea turned into book shelves lined up vertically.  Our bedrooms are tiny so these along with the bulletin board and a specific spot for pens, markers, etc. keeps everything organized and right at hand.  I see a trip to Ikea in my future this weekend. 

Image & Idea: Mijn Hobby

Seat Sack for School Work:

With school back in the dining room table is now being used for homework.  We only have a dining room table, no kitchen table so at dinner time I need it cleared and cleared quickly.  The question becomes where do we put all their books and supplies?  I love this idea because it gets the table cleared quickly but keeps everything together in one specific place and easily accessible after dinner if there is more work to be done.

Image & Idea: Scissors & Spatulas

Prep Lunches & Let them Choose:

Okay, lunch prep is already one of my most dreaded activities of the week and we're only just getting started.  That is why I love the idea of setting out the main lunch items of the week in a schedule; i.e. turkey & cheese sandwich Monday, soup Tuesday; sunflower butter and jam wrap Wednesday, etc. then have snacks and drinks organized for the kids in the fridge and pantry with instructions that they can choose 1 veggie, 1 fruit, 1 yogurt, 1 drink and 1 item from the snacks.

Image: Crate & Barrel

Image & Idea:  I heart organizing

By organizing the items in their groups in both your fridge and pantry, the task is simple.  This also puts them in charge of the majority of their lunch which hopefully translates into them eating it.  Let's keep our fingers crossed they come home with empty lunch bags.

I hope these ideas help in your home too.


  1. I love your lunch idea! We have no school-aged children in the house (at least not for another 4 years...) but I am using this idea for the adults! Thanks!

  2. You are so inspiring! Love it love it love.


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