Friday, September 14, 2012

Art Party Ideas for Kids - Styrofoam Art Prints for Kindie Kids

Foam Print Making

Best for: Ages 3 to 5

Materials Needed:

  • styrofoam containers, plates, or trays from meat (washed and dried)
  • pencils - not too sharp
  • craft paint in a rainbow of colours
  • plates for the paint
  • foam brushes or rollers
  • 8 x 12 paper or canvas
  • Scrap paper for testing the designs
  • paper towels


  • Provide each child with a flat piece of styrofoam.

  • Have the children use a pencil to etch a design into the styrofoam.  Remind them not to press the pencil all the way through the styrofoam. Alternatively, the children can also cut their styrofoam into a shape then etch a design.

  • Pour each colour of paint into its own plate.
  • Use the foam roller/brush to apply a light layer of paint to the styrofoam template.

  • Turn the styrofoam template over and press onto the paper.  Rub the template all over being careful to keep it in place.

  • Gently lift the template from the page making sure not to drop it or smudge it.
  • Clean the template with a paper towel and continue printing using different colour paints.
  • Let the prints dry.


  • A roller produces smoothest results.
  • Before printing on the final paper/canvas, do a few test prints on your scrap paper to determine how much paint you need. If necessary, at this time have an adult go over some of the lines with a sharper pencil to add more definition.
  • Remember, the final picture will be a mirror image of your design so have the kids stay away from words and stick to images.
  • Because it is important that the template doesn't shift when placed on the paper, it is advisable to keep the size of the template small to fit small hands. 4" x 6" pieces of foam work well and allow for 4 versions of the print on the final canvas.

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  1. Thank you for the tips on styrofoam art for kids. It is really cute. It's really perfect for kids playtime activity.

    1. Thanks! I love crafts that use items you already have at home. There are so many possibilities. I hope you have fun trying it out!


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