Friday, September 14, 2012

Art Party Ideas for Kids - Silhouette Vases for School Age Children

Silhouette Flower Vases
Best for: Ages 5 to 8

You’ll Need:

  • Patterned paper – i.e. Scrapbook paper, wallpaper samples, magazines, or wrapping paper
  • Scissors for each child
  • flashlight
  • painter’s tape
  • pencil
  • 11” x 14” coloured paper or art canvas
  • craft glue
  • small foam brushes


  • Fold a piece of patterned paper (approx. 5” x 7”) in half vertically and tape to the wall.
  •  Have a child stand in front of the paper so that their face is in profile with their nose facing the folded side of the paper. 

  • Aim the flashlight at the child and paper so that you can see their shadow on the patterned paper. There should be about ½” - 1” from the fold of the paper to the tip of their nose.
  • Trace the outline of their face onto the patterned paper. 
  • Cut their profile out of the patterned paper. When it is unfolded you will see that it resembles a vase.

  • Glue the ‘vase’ to the large piece of coloured paper/canvas using the foam brushes and craft glue. Ensure it is centered at the bottom of the page. 

  • Cut out a variety of flowers, petals, stalks and leaves from the extra patterned paper. Encourage children to layer their flowers for depth and interest.

  • Glue the flowers onto the large paper/canvas so it looks like they are coming out of the vase. Children can embellish the picture with ladybugs, bumblebees, etc. also cut from patterned paper.


  • If girls have long hair, have them put it in a ponytail so that it is off their necks when tracing their profile.
  • No one needs to be idle. While one child is having their profile traced, the other children can cut out their flowers, petals, stems and leaves. 
  • Before the party, figure out the best spot for tracing profiles including practicing where the flashlight will sit.
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  1. I've been searching for art party ideas for my 7 year old. This is the best idea I've found. Thanks!!

    1. Thank you for your compliment! My daughter (in the photos) was 7 when we did this project. We hung it up which makes her even more proud of her work! Have a great party!


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