Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creating your own Stop Motion Story Book

At the cottage we are always looking for new and fun ways to keep everyone active and entertained.  My son had brought his dinosaurs down to the beach one morning and that is when inspiration hit!  We could create a story, set up scenes with the dinosaurs, take photos to capture the moments, then write a book as a family.  The project was embraced from the get-go. 

The kids were excited to think of how the story should unfold.  We jotted down a few notes so that we could be sure to set up the scenes we'd need for each page.  We then got down and dirty in the sand, placing dinosaurs, gathering grass and leaves to act as trees, building sand volcanoes, and snapping photos.  The kids enjoyed trying to take photos from different angles to see which would capture the scene best.

When we were done on the beach, we went through the photos on the computer and chose which the best ones to print.  I thought about creating a proper photo book online but I really wanted the kids to write their own text so that it was done in their handwriting.  It would be good practice but more than that, it would involve them further in the project and be a precious memento in years to come. 

The kids and I glued the photos to construction paper. Then each kid took a turn writing the text to accompany each page. I had them write it on lined paper which we cut and glued at the bottom of each page. That way if there were any glaring mistakes, i.e. writing the wrong word; spelling mistakes were kept - I think that will make a better keepsake in the end, we could fix them more easily.

We chose a cover photo and bound the book together with staples. 

We also included an 'About the Author' page at the back that included a photo of us all in the midst of our dino photo shoot. 

A year later they still love looking at the book.  To help preserve the book I think I will probably need to scan it soon and have it turned into a proper photo book.  We had planned to do a sequel this year but our cottage holiday was cut short.  Not to worry, this is a project that can be done any time and the older the kids, the more involved the storyline can be.

Try making one with your family.  Get out the Lego men, superheroes, barbie dolls!  It is fun, simple, educational (shh...that is between you and me) and creates memories to last a lifetime.

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