Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cereal Box Games

Recently  I shared with you a way to re-purpose those old baby wipes containers to store craft paint.  I also had a post that gave many creative ideas for re-purposing all the cereal boxes you have in your home.  Today I stumbled upon this idea and had to share it.  It combines re-using cereal boxes and baby wipe containers and it provides a fun educational (shhh...don't tell them) activity for your kids to do at home or on the road. 

Photo & Idea: Play, Talk, Learn
Emily at Play, Talk, Learn and her daughter cut out letters from empty cereal, cookie, detergent boxes, etc. and collect them in an old baby wipe container.  Not only is this a great activity for little minds, it is also a great activity for little fingers.  Cutting out the letters will also help with developing their fine motor skills.

Here are 10 suggestions of games/activities to do with your letters.

  1. Matching letters - this is more difficult than it sounds for little ones because the fonts and upper case/lower case letters make them look different.
  2. Find the alphabet - try and put together the entire alphabet together.
  3. Upper vs. Lower - separate the upper and lower case letters into groups.
  4. Name Game - try and spell out all the names in your family.
  5. Word Power - see how many words you can make from your letters.
  6. Hat/Mat/Cat - show your kids how you can make a million different words simply by changing the first letter.  See if they can come up with some of their own.
  7. Rhyme Time - how many rhyming words can you come up with?  Challenge each other to a rhyming duel.  One person puts down a word, the other has to put down a rhyming word.
  8. Proper Nouns - Remembering where to put capital letters is sometimes a challenge for kids.  See if they can put together some proper nouns.  You can even create a list of words (all lowercase) and have them put them together using the letters.  They need to decide which words need capitals and which don't.
  9. Alphabet Go-Fish - Just like the regular card game, deal out 5 or 7 letters to each person and have a pile in the middle.  In turn ask another player if they have one of the letters in your hand.  If they do, you take it and put down your matching pair.  If they don't, you 'go fish' in the letter pile and the game continues on.  * Note - be sure to have a match for each of your letters before you begin playing.
  10. Ransom note fun - Older kids will have fun creating ransom notes for the family using the letters they cut out. 

Not only will these activities keep them occupied during the summer and use old items in a new exciting way, it will help get them back into the rhythm of thinking outside the box, reading, and preparing for a new school year which is just around the corner.  Have fun!

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