Monday, August 27, 2012

A Wish & A Prayer

These last two weeks have been exhausting, a bit scary and at times, and pretty frustrating.

My son spiked a 40C fever which lasted 5 days but he didn't exhibit symptoms that matched anything common known to our doctor.  There was a suspicion he might have a perforated appendix but tests came back negative (thank goodness) and it was determined that it was viral.  Then, two days after my son turned the corner and his fever broke, my daughter's fever spiked and we were right back in it.

Needless to say both kids got a little stir crazy after almost 2 weeks of being fairly housebound and having to cancel my son's 6th birthday party.   Our only outings had been trips to the doctor or pharmacy.  I myself was getting to the point of having a pretty short fuse as the stress and sleep deprivation really took hold.  The kids were beginning to peck at each other and I was running out of energy to come up with fun activities to keep the healthy child entertained.

That is when my salvation arrived on our doorstep in the form of the Sears Wish Book.  To be honest, at any other time and I'd be annoyed that Christmas was being pushed at us in August but this year I was extremely grateful. 

My daughter must have spent over an hour and a half reading the toy section.  She was so excited to show both my husband and I all the great toys she had found and explain the differences between all the dolls.  She even got out a piece of paper and started forming her birthday wish list (her birthday is in December).  My son then took over and got engrossed in the catalogue too.  It distracted them from the monotony of being housebound and gave them something new to do.  What kid doesn't like seeing new toys?


Nostalgia kicked in as I remembered pouring over the same catalogue as a child.  I remember spending hours looking through it in the month leading up to Christmas, cutting out the pictures and taping them to my Christmas wish list. 

Now I know it seems that I am kind of promoting consumerism in my kids but in our situation these last two weeks, I would definitely say the Sears Wish Book fulfilled all my wishes.

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