Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Great Start to Back To School

It is closing in on September, that means time to go back to school.  Here are a few great ideas to get their year off to a good start and ease the stress of getting back into the school routine for everyone in the family.

Start the Morning Right:

The morning is always easier if the kids know what to expect and what is expected of them.  After a summer of varied schedules, help them get organized by setting out their routine for them both visually and verbally. 

This place mat is a way to get them started.

Image & Idea: Family Fun

Another simple reminder that might work for your family.

Image & Idea: Save the Phillips Family

Make Lunch Time Fun:


This Official Lunch Survey from June Pfaff Daley serves two purposes.  For the child who has a hard time adjusting to the school year, lunch period can be hard.  This gives your child something to do that is fun and will take their mind of their first day jitters.  For those that have no trouble adjusting to school and are social butterflies, this survey can provide a fun activity to do with new friends. 

Image and Idea: June Pfaff Daley
Why not add a joke or two.

Image, Idea & Free Printable:  All for the Boys

Image, Idea & Free Printable:  Peonies and Poppyseeds

Let them Play with their Food:

A small surprise like these can brighten up any day.  These ideas are also great to keep in mind come mid-year when the monotony of lunch box meals starts to kick in.

Image & Idea:  One Charming Party

Now I'm sure many of you have seen some of the amazing bento box lunches out there on the web and some very cute sandwich ideas but I'm realistic and I know that those aren't in my arsenal on a school morning.  These sandwich kabobs and owls on the other hand seem very do-able.

Image & Idea:  Super Healthy Kids 
Image & Idea:  Meet the Dubiens

Send a Special Message:


This is the first year of school lunches for my little guy and I know that for the first few weeks he will be ready to come home at mid-day.  Lunch notes in his lunch bag will help him know that I'm thinking of him and hopefully put a big smile on his face.

Image, Idea & Free PrintableAlpha Mom

Image, Idea & Free Printable:  Fresh Picked Whimsy

Get them talking:

Sometimes finding out what your kids did at school can be like pulling teeth.  All too often the response is "nothing", "I don't know", "boring".  Try these conversation starters to get your kids talking at the dinner table.

Image & Idea:  iMOM

Reduce the After School Struggle:

Just like in the morning, helping your kids master an after school schedule will help reduce stress for everyone and establish expectations and routines. 

This clipboard checklist idea from 36th Avenue is great! It is easy to make and a great way to remind the kids of their after school responsibilities. Because you make it yourself, you can customize the items to your family's routine.

Image & Idea: The 36th Avenue
And again, another simple tool that may make all the difference.

Image & Idea:  Save the Phillips Family

Capture It:

And don't forget to get out the camera to capture the first day of school.  These free printables are super cute and will help mark the occasion.

Image, Idea & Free PrintablesHow Does She?
Image, Idea & Free Printable:  I heart Naptime

Wishing everyone a smooth transition and a great start to the school year!

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