Monday, July 30, 2012

Relaxing Roadtrip - Packing with Kids

We're hitting the road and I'm packing up for everyone.  In this installment of my Relaxing Roadtrip series I'm sharing a few ideas I found that made the job a lot easier.

Pillowcase Pockets:

We have to take our own bedding with us as we've rented a house for this holiday.  I originally saw this idea on Martha Stewart and put it into use when packing for this trip.  I put the flat and fitted sheets in the coordinating pillowcase.  When we arrive it will be easy to hand out every one's bedding and get organized quickly.

Relaxing Roadtrip - Packing with Kids
Image & Idea:  Martha Stewart

When it comes time to leave I'll put them back in the pillowcases which will ensure that all my bedding returns home with us.

Ziploc Day by Day Packing:

Kim from All Things Simple shared this great idea to make packing simple when travelling with young kids.

Put an entire outfit (including undies, socks, jewellery and hair accessories) in a Ziploc bag. Put together one bag for each day of your trip. When you get to the hotel you simply put the bags in a drawer and the kids can pick one out each day. You know you've remembered to pack everything by doing it this way and it is a huge time saver at your destination. The bags can stay in luggage to reuse each time you travel.

Image & Idea:  All Things Simple

Why limit this to the kids?  Packing like this for yourself is a great idea too.  I know that my bag is always the last to be packed and if anyone is missing anything, it is usually me.  I can't to see how this works out!

Shower Cap Shoes:

I thought this idea was great.  Wrap your shoes in shower caps.  It keeps them together and keeps everything else in your bag free from dirt.  Shower caps are easy to find at the dollar store.

Image & Idea: Proper Prim
Happy Packing!

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