Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Library Books - The search is off

My kids and I have a standing date to visit the library every week.  They love searching the aisles for new adventures, seeking out old favourites and getting to choose whatever they want.  Where else can you go, fill a bag, not pay a thing and end up with a week's worth of entertainment?

I love that they love books and reading.  I love our weekly trips to the library.  I love the new knowledge they gain reading.  I love seeing their progress as they master reading on their own.  I absolutely love snuggling up with them and reading together.  What I hate though is the search for library books every week when it is time for our next visit. 

I sometimes wonder if library books have minds of their own and the ability to grow legs because there were times they were nowhere to be found.  My girlfriend is always lamenting about the 'lost' library books in her house.  It seems there is an epidemic.

Well, having a need for organization (you can read about that here if you like) I new I needed a plan. In comes my 'library basket'.  I placed a dedicated basket on our fireplace hearth which has been dubbed the 'library basket'.  When we get home from the library, the books get placed in the basket.  When we are finished reading a book, it gets put back in the basket.  I even keep our library bag (with library card inside) folded in the basket so that everything is all together. 

The kids know where to look for their books and more importantly they know where to put them away.  On library days we simply do a quick count, empty the basket and fill up our library bag then we're off.  It has made a HUGE difference.  No more searching the house, under beds, through our bookshelves, etc.  99% of the time the books are all in the basket.  An added bonus of the library basket is having the books close at hand.  I think it helps the kids remember their choices and they end up reading them even more.

The Library Basket: Simple, I know!  Effective - Yes!

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  1. This is brilliant, and right of a classroom.


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