Friday, July 6, 2012

It's the Simple Things

Don't you wish sometimes that you could harness the unabashed joy and wonderment your kids can find in the everyday moments?

The sprinkler for instance. I have to admit that for me it has become just another thing you have to do around the house but for kids it is a water fountain, a splash pad, a car wash, a rainbow maker. I have vivid memories of trying to perfect my timing both on my bike and on foot so I could pass by a neighbour's house at the precise moment so that I didn't get wet. On other days the perfect timing meant getting hit at full blast to cool you off on a hot summer's night.

I love seeing my kids faces when the sprinkler comes out. I need to recapture some of that innate joy. Who knows, if you pass by our house one night this summer you may just see a really big kid running through the sprinkler.


  1. We had the sprinkler out the other night and the squeals of joy were wonderful to hear!

    1. The laughter and squeals of joy from our kids are like music for the heart. Enjoy your summer and thanks for dropping by. - Susannah (the Creative Mama)


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