Monday, July 16, 2012

Easy Bake - What a Misnomer

On the weekend my kids had a sleepover with their Grandma and Grandpa. When we went to pick them up we were told that they had gone to a garage sale with Grandma on Saturday morning and they’d each chosen something to buy. My son showed us a basket filled with toy soldiers. He was happy with his purchase but it was my daughter’s face that lit up and gave away that she felt she had won the garage sale lottery, that she had found something really special. My daughter was the proud new owner of an Easy Bake Oven.

Now I never had an Easy Bake Oven growing up so the nostalgic allure was not there for me. She had shown them to me in the store before but I had always said ‘no’. We bake together in the real oven, why did we need an Easy Bake? But isn’t that what grandparents are for, to buy the kids things that they don’t ‘need’ but really want?

She and Grandma had gone to the store and purchased a cookie mix. She was excited to get going but by the time we got home on Sunday night we didn’t have time to make the cookies. Grandma checked in on us a few days later to see how they turned out. Again we had to admit that we hadn’t yet had time. We were going to the cottage the following weekend and Grandma and Grandpa were going to be there. We decided we’d make them Friday night so that we could take them and share. 


This is where the name Easy Bake threw me for a loop. We opened the package and realised that it only made 4 cookies and when you’re baking with a lightbulb you can only make one cookie at a time. Each cookie took 15 minutes to cook and 15 minutes in the cooling chamber. That totalled 2 hours in total to make 4 cookies. How is that Easy Baking I ask you???? 

We then realised that we could bake one while another was in the cooling chamber so that cut an hour off the baking time but seriously, 1 hour for 4 cookies not to mention that they probably cost about $1.25/cookie.

In the end the cookies turned out well and she was proud that she had made them herself. It isn’t my type of baking but I don’t think I’m really the intended consumer. 

I'm always looking for ways to empower my kids and help them to become more independent. This is a good start. I figure that there are probably some great recipes out there in blogland that other creative mamas have come up with. I’m going to do a little research and this might become a fun summer activity for her. Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to Easy Bake us dinner one night this summer. A mother can always hope.

PS - Notice that she started in clothes and ended in pajamas. THAT's how long it takes to bake 4 cookies in an Easy Bake Oven.

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  1. My favorite part is the transition from clothes of pjs!


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