Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1 Day In and I Can Already Feel It...

I love my kids and I love spending time with them but after only one day of school holidays I can feel my stress level rising. 

No, my rising stress level isn't due to bad behaviour, bickering or bellows of 'I'm bored'.  Quite the opposite. It is from the clutter that they have managed to create all over the house while keeping themselves busy remembering everything, and I mean everything, we have to play with.  I admit it, I have a clutter phobia.  I literally feel myself tensing up when I look around and see 'stuff' everywhere.  Today tested my limits.

Imagine my horror when I saw this....

and this...

and this...

What you can't see is all the dinosaurs, superheros and Transformers hiding
between the cushions and what lays beyond the couch.

I know to many of you this seems like a normal playroom and it isn't like I've never seen ours messy before but I have an intrinsic need to pick things up and put them away when they are out of place.  I know that messy can be good and messy can produce amazing things but I find mess hard to ignore.

Now my mother finds this all quite amusing because it seems that I was notoriously messy when I was young and keeping my room tidy was a battle.  Just like many other of those light bulb moments you have about your childhood when you become a parent, this one hit home hard.

While my heart wanted to beg them to pick it all up, put everything away and return me to my happy place (a very neat place), I held back.  I took a deep breathe, collected myself and told them to "leave it".  What I needed to focus on was the fact that they played beautifully together all day, taking turns playing Barbie, Transformers, hockey and dinosaurs.  They used their imaginations and I didn't need to interfere or referee even once. They were just so happy to finally have time to really play without anything else on the agenda to pull them away from their toys.  That's what childhood is about, right?

Tomorrow morning the toys will still be all over the playroom floor.  Hopefully they'll play with some of them again and I won't break my neck trying to weave my way through the room.  We'll compromise and slowly put things away as they move onto new activities.  Deep breath...ahhhh.  I can feel the stress dissipating as I envision it now.

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  1. It's so cute that you took a picture of the mess! I totally know what you mean about the mess the kids leave behind. If you have time, I'd like to see a photo of all the clear toy bins with labels that you probably have, for the kids to sort their own toys into categories. We use the clear three tier plastic drawers and labelled IKEA bins.


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