Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Year in Review - Simple DIY Word Jumble

A year end word jumble all about them is a great project to make for your kids or have them make for themselves.   It is a great keepsake commemorating their school year.


I recently stumbled upon a web based program called Wordle.  If you can type, you can quickly make one of your own.


  1. Brainstorm words that represent them or their year at school. Possible ideas could be:
    • name
    • school year
    • grade
    • teacher
    • clubs
    • sports
    • adjectives
    • classmates
    • skills they learned
    • school trips
  2. Type the words into the text box and click "Go"
  3. You can modify the font, colour scheme and layouts to make each jumble unique.

Tip #1:

To make a word larger or more prominent, type it more than one time

Tip #2:

Do not put spaces between words or they will be separated in the jumble.  I typed multi-word phrases all as one word but used capitals at the beginning of each word and it turned out great.

Tip #3: 

Use the options in the toolbar to modify the font, layout and colour scheme to create a completely unique jumble for each of your children.

There are so many uses for a Wordle.  Make one for a teacher as a gift, create a collage of your favourite places, build a family tree or document your summer vacation.  The possibilities are endless!

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