Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you Teachers! - Easy Personal Card Idea

It is officially the last week of school, time to say goodbye to our amazing teachers and get ready for summer vacation.  My kids and I worked together this weekend to put together our end of year gifts for their teachers.  We combined two ideas I had shared earlier and I think the results were fantastic.

We made a variation on the "Chalkboard Flower Pot" for each of their teachers.

We painted the black first and taped off the rim so that we wouldn't get any black where we were eventually going to put the yellow.

Instead of using chalkboard paint we just used black craft paint. I wanted the kids to write the message in something permanent instead of chalk because I was worried it would rub off on the way to school. I bought a silver 'Sharpie' and it worked a charm.

I also sprayed it with a coat of Krylon Matte Finish to ensure the craft paint wouldn't run or wipe off when the flowers are watered.

I don't think the look is too different using marker instead of chalk but I know that the message will last the test of time. As our flower pots dried, we worked on our cards

I asked each kids to give me a list of words to describe their teacher and their year.  As they listed them off, I typed them right into Wordle.   I saved the image and printed them, selecting 3.5" x 5" so that we could glue them onto the front of the blank cards I had picked up at the dollar store.  Inside the cards the kids wrote their own personal messages to their teachers.

We wanted to thank our music teacher as well because she does such an amazing job and both kids love their music classes and choir.  Instead of words describing her we used all the names of the songs from the spring concert to make the jumble.  Our theme this year was 'Sounds Fishy to Me' so we chose shades of blue and green for the font.

NOTE: For clear instructions on making your own wordle, click here.  

I hope they like their gifts, the kids put a lot of work and thought into them.  Now bring on summer!

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